“Simple, yet elegant, “Shade” represents some of the most essential elements of a funky, feel-good jam: a gripping bassline, a low-key, glittering melody, and an awesome vocal looping on top of it all. It’s so obviously inspired by the earlier days of disco, but Damon Steele nails the contemporary vibe throughout it all.”

“A piece of house and electronica’s future is residing within the LA underground. His name is Damon Steele, and through cutting his teeth on the DJ circuit and developing his sonic palette, has emerged as an act promising originality for the next generation.”


Damon Steele’s remix of Leo Islo’s track “Lush Life” feat. Dani Poppitt reached #1 on the official Hype Machine Remix chart and #10 overall on April 2nd 2018

Damon Steele’s remix of Leo Islo’s track “Lush Life” feat. Dani Poppitt was featured on Acid Stag’s Remix this series #134

“Islo has an exceptional ability to create emotive micro–environments within his songs, something which makes the original of this so successful, and it's a testament to Steele's own talent to see how he's adapted the track for his own here. He's built a balmy atmosphere filled with sumptuous chords drifting around a steady bassline, blending enticing notes with gossamer projections for a richly textured composition that spans the spectrum of enjoyment.”

“LAMP’s newest family member, Damon Steele, recently dropped his debut EP Crystal Currents on PUZL Records. The young producer, a recent graduate of Point Blank [Music School], is demonstrating his aptitude for production and sound design with the diverse 4-track collection below. Steele explores a range of emotions and moods while blending a special combination of genres and styles, giving each track its own unique identity.”


Pretty Lights - Electric area, Sirius XM

Sweatson Klank - KEXP Seattle

8Day Montreal